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Working in the luxury market, I have always been on the hunt to find high end suppliers so I was so excited when I came across Kimm of Maison Des Macarons years ago. Kimm creates the most amazing macarons which work perfectly for my client’s weddings- she’s my ‘go to’ for the most gorgeous luxury wedding macarons favours and dessert tables.

Today, Kimm has kindly agreed to talk to us about her business, how MDM was born and how it’s grown over the years’.

Kimm, over to you….

Maison Des Macarons
by Kimm Cover

Many people think that the gorgeous thing that is the Macaron was created in France….in fact it started in Italy in the court of Catherine de Medici in the 17th century. Catherine then transported it to France whilst travelling with her court, and the rest is history as they say! The French took the Macaron to their hearts and they are to be found in most towns, and even villages in the windows of wonderful patisseries. By the way the Macaron then, looked nothing like it does now as it was made with rough ground almonds and baked in very simple crude ovens – I’m sure it was tasty though.

How did I become the owner/proprietor and creator of Maison Des Macarons – a very good question?

My working background (many moons ago), was far from the kitchen in the world of PR, Advertising & Marketing. I was lucky enough to work for London magazines and national newspapers and then moved into the motor industry working for Aston Martin and Audi, and the European Parliament.

Having had houses in France for 17 years and having restored them and spent a lot of time living there, I have always had, and still do, a soft spot for all things French, even those with just a French influence.

When we sold our last house in France and returned full time to the UK as grandchildren were popping up left, right and centre, I was soon looking for something to fill my spare time (never been very good at having nothing to do).

One very wet cold February day 6 years ago, I was watching the gorgeous James Martin, (a petrolhead like me). I have always loved cooking, albeit mainly savoury, not sweet; he had a young Scottish woman on who made Macarons in Edinburgh. At the end of the programme I said to my husband “I think I will have a go at Macarons”….the rest is history…

I originally started MDM to be something for me to pass some of my spare time as and when suited, but as anyone who has their own business will tell you, be careful because you may have a tiger by the tale. Things went incredibly well for me and the business developed quickly over the first couple of years and has just grown and grown. We did retail through some local outlets, but had to stop as we were already so busy it was impossible to produce what we needed to.

I was adamant that I would endeavour to make the very best Macarons I could and therefore no stone is left unturned in our aim to produce the tastiest Macarons we can make. We buy only the finest ingredients, and wherever possible make our own fruit curds, purees, etc. Our Macaron god is Pierre Herme and so the Italian method is our way of making our Macarons.

Weddings and Corporate business have played major roles in the business, although these have both had a difficult year with COVID. I love doing Corporate work as it is usually in London (my home city), and although I never need one, it’s always great to have an excuse to go to London for the day – we always deliver personally. NEVER trust a Macaron to the postman or a courier!! I have been lucky enough to work for the likes of Lalique, Guerlain, Chelsea Flower Show, Indola and many more – I’ve even had my Macarons taken on the Eurostar to Paris by a London bank – perfect!! I have a wonderful number of growing regular clients who have bought from me over the years, and I feel so grateful that they support me venturing out to our little country barn to collect their boxes of Macarons come rain or shine! I feel they become part of the MDM family and keep in touch with many of them. Weddings are wonderful, because you spend so much time with people feeling very happy – we have wonderful tasting sessions here in East Farndon, with bubbles, macarons and notebooks – always great fun.

Masterclasses have also become a large part of our business and are always such a great way to pass the time with friends, or family. Lasting around 5 hours, they include, lunch and champagne and we have very small groups who learn the art of Macaron making and have fun and hopefully eat good food.


One of the amazing things to have come from the business is meeting the (mainly) young business women who are in the industry. Often, running businesses with young families and sometimes, whilst holding down other jobs – I am in awe of them, they are so committed and work so hard. It’s allowed me to mix and meet with people I probably wouldn’t have crossed paths with before.

To be honest, over the last two years, I have been trying to cut back a little as the business has just grown and grown and takes up most of my time now. It’s a difficult thing to do though, especially when you have fabulous regular clients who keep coming back and often my Brides & Grooms become on going clients too, so it’s hard to say no!

Where do we go from here – we have lots of great weddings booked for next year both locally and in London and some for the second half of this year too. It has been such a difficult time for people wanting to get married – some of my couples have had to move their weddings four times – that’s tough!

wedding macarons cake tower

It will be lovely to be back creating Macaron Towers, Macaron Cake Towers, Wedding Favours and much more.

Beautiful Wedding Macarons favours

One of the things I love about my little business is that it allows me to be creative and to see the finished article all dressed…..and ready to be eaten always brings a smile to my face and, hopefully, to those of our clients too.



Thank you so much Kimm for taking the time to write for my supplier squad series. If you are looking to include some amazing wedding macarons into your special day, you can find out more here…


With Love,
Claire x


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