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Are you moving your wedding day and are struggling with the many moving pieces that is involved when re-booking and can’t get the perfect wedding ceremony time? Or do you want a personalised ceremony where you can ensure the words said are how you’ve always imagined?Having a Celebrant could be the perfect option for you and with over 30 years’ experience Jane Gower of My Wonderful Wedding guarantees that you and your wedding day are in safe hands and as personal as you’ve always imagined.

In today’s supplier blog series, Jane gives her view on why couples should look to have a Celebrant for their day…

Jane Gower with a bride and groom in Italy

© Ross Harvey

by Jane Gower
As the country gradually re-opens and we all start getting back to some kind of normality, hopefully all those brides and grooms who have had their plans put on hold can book a date and know that they will actually be able to get married at last.

The rush for Registrar appointments is going to be incredible but it may not be the slot you ideally wanted. If the only date they can offer you is on a Wednesday morning – take it and then choose the perfect date, time and place to hold your ceremony conducted by and led by a Celebrant.

By using a Celebrant your ceremony will be designed and written just for you – a unique experience for you and your future husband/wife. Getting married in the UK still requires couples to stand before a Registrar – this can be done quickly and easily in a short ceremony whereby personal vows are not exchanged, neither are wedding rings. Afterwards you can have the wedding of your dreams in any location you choose – the only limitation is your imagination.

A celebrant led wedding ceremony at Castello Monaci in Puglia, Italy

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The Celebrant you choose should be completely attuned to you – listening to your dreams for your big day and turning them into reality. Having got the legalities out of the way your wedding can take on any theme you choose. It can be traditional, casual, quirky or themed. If you wish to keep it secret your friends and family need not know that the ceremony they are watching and enjoying  is not your actual wedding.

Bride and Groom exchange their rings

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Bride and Groom laughing about rings fitting

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There are many beautiful elements that can be included in a Celebrant led ceremony that Churches and Registrars will not do – such as – lighting a Unity Candle to symbolise stepping into your new life together, handfasting, the rose exchange,  or a Loving Cup toast.

Unity candle display

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Lighting the unity candle at a celebrant ran wedding ceremony to give a personalised ceremony

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Choose your Celebrant carefully and your wedding ceremony will be one that your friends and family will talk about and remember for many months to come.

A huge thank you to Jane for taking the time to write this post for my supplier squad blog series!

P.S- For anyone swooning, these images are from the gorgeous Castello Monaci – hopefully Jane and I can head back to Italy together soon!

If you have any questions for Jane or would be interested in having celebrant for your wedding, get in touch here…


With Love,
Claire x

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