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Everyone wants to include ways to make their wedding memorable and one their guests will never forget. And how better to do that than with surprise entertainment? Some of the best weddings I have been to as a guest, worked or planned include a form of surprise for the guests.

Club Mob, was founded in 2014 and is the UK’s first and only company dedicated to surprise entertainment. Their small team of handpicked performers bring our client’s ideas to life – and have plenty of amazing ideas of their own. They’ve put on hundreds of successful flash mobs and surprise performances over the last 6 years – and since the company is run by the performers themselves, rather than an agency, it keeps creativity and value at the heart of everything they do.

There are lots of singing waiter companies out there and it’s often so hard to know which ones will actually be able to sing AND surprise your guests! When Club Mob branched out into singing in 2016, they wanted to do something DIFFERENT. They started experimenting by getting to know all about their clients and the occasion – adding names, and changing a lyric here and there to personalise their performances! Now, their sister company The Tailors specialise in weddings and are the only company in the UK who totally personalise their performances to be all about the people being surprised, and guests at the event.

I’ve spoken to the team to give us their top ten fav ways to surprise your wedding guests…


10 amazing ways to surprise your wedding guests
by Alex at Club Mob

We’ve all been to a fair few weddings, before it’s our own. We’ve sat through the speeches,  toasted the happy couple, and maybe even caught the bouquet. And now, finally – it’s your turn –  your big day! All that matters is that you have each other…and that everyone you love turns up,  has an enjoyable day, and celebrates your relationship…right?

Or wrong. Be honest now. Deep down, every couple has that secret desire to make their wedding stand out from all weddings they’ve been to. To have people say… ‘how good was THAT!’ years and years later. But what are the best ways to make your day unique and original?

Well, we’ve been creating bespoke wedding surprises since 2014, and I’m here to tell you that the element of surprise always adds a bit of extra sparkle, no matter how cynical a guest may be. Try one of these 10 brilliant surprise ideas…Your guests will never see them coming!

1) Surprise Secret Singers 
I mean… we just had to start here, can you blame us?
Singing waiters are an incredible surprise for your wedding guests. The unique experience of your unassuming waiter launching into a charismatic and hilarious set, is a winning formula. But be careful to properly look into each company, as the styles totally vary and they are not all created equal!

If you’d like to think outside of the box and make the surprise even more memorable, take a look at our own surprise singing waiter team, The Tailors! Not only do we surprise your guests with world-class vocals and their favourite songs arranged in medleys…we change a lot of the lyrics to be about you and the key people at the wedding! It’s a surprise your guests will NEVER see coming, and have them belly laughing one moment, in happy tears the next!

Our first attempt at personalising a wedding performance went down such a treat at this wedding that the groom totally broke down in tears!


Waiters singing at a wedding

2) A Surprise Seating Plan with a Difference
No budget left but still want to add a surprise sprinkle to the reception? This may take time, but  it will be totally worth it to see the looks on your guest’s faces. Grab photos (wedding ones from your guests that are married) from the wonder that is Facebook – and to show everyone to their seats, show them how they’re connected in an elaborate photo wall.

Seating plan using polaroid pictures

3) A Personalised Celebration Video
If you are going ahead with your wedding with limited numbers, you don’t have to miss out on anyone’s company. One of your bridesmaids or bridal party can ask your loved ones to create a short video clip, which your videographer will be able to compile into an edited film. The perfect way to involve everyone you love on your special day!

Suprise your wedding guests with a persnalised celebration video

4) A Surprise Flash Mob Performance!
Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when an argument starts amongst the waitresses – shock and horror turns to excitement when they reveal costumes under their aprons and  begin to dance!

Suprise your wedding guests with an amazing partySuprise your wedding guests with a flash mob dance crew

Or when the waiters cut in on your first dance, and join you and your groom in a  fun wedding routine…one of the managers of the venue gets out a violin and begins  to play along…

There is no limit to what can be done with surprise performances! Whether you hire a choreographer and put one on yourself with your bridesmaids, groomsmen or family, or hire the  professionals to come in and blow the crowds away, the guests will never forget the impact of a  surprise wedding flash mob.

Suprise your wedding guests with singing waiters

Check out our surprise company, Club Mob – we are the specialists in surprises, and every performance is bespoke and tailored to each special day. We can even help you put on your own mob with the wedding party!

This Dad-Daughter dance turned into an amazing flash mob featuring our dancing waiters and the whole family!

5) Unusual Theme
Surprise your guests with the ultimate room decor! Great ideas could be – a festival theme, Disney, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Greatest Showman, Hollywood, 50s, the list goes on… The table decorations can all be themed, the colours for the flowers, props for the photo booth, even the food and drink options. Remember your wedding is the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to express yourselves and your styles. Let that come through to your guests so that you can celebrate the things that you love.

6) A Dramatic Outfit Change
As a bride, you’ve spent ages trying on dresses. Maybe you’re planning not one wedding outfit, but two! Why not make a big entrance in your second outfit to surprise your guests? Between the ceremony and the reception would be a great time to change outfits, so that you can use your entrance to your wedding breakfast to show off your new attire. Maybe switch the traditional wedding dress for a stunning jumpsuit, or a shorter number. The groom could switch to a fun blazer – perhaps add a pop of colour!

7) Photo Montage
An easy DIY surprise for your guests is a photo slideshow for your reception. Collate pictures from your own and your partner’s childhood and put together a slideshow, or maybe ask a tech-savvy friend for help. Chat to your venue or to your DJ to make sure they have the audio and visual equipment for this.

8) Silent Disco Party
Silent discos are the perfect way to let your guests party to music they love. Each guest is given headphones to wear with different channels to choose from. Silent discos are particularly good for large outdoor weddings where people won’t be as packed together, making them perfect for social distancing too.

9) Stunning Surprise Fireworks
Wouldn’t it be amazing, if just as your guests assemble to wish you luck as you leave your venue,  a spectacular fireworks display began? Lighting up the sky is a sure-fire way to impress, and it  might not cost as much as you think. Just double check with your venue set up that it’s safe, and you could mesmerise your guests as a final treat!

Suprise your wedding guests with fireworks

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

10) Plan the Ultimate Bait-and-Switch
If you’re up for the ultimate surprise, pretend you’re not having a wedding at all. Invite your loved ones to your ‘engagement party’ and on arrival, give them the Order of Services telling them they’ve come to see you tie the knot! This can really take the pressure off you in your planning, and will keep your guests relaxed. Make sure you let your closest family and friends in on the secret to ensure they will all be there on your special day.

So I hope this proves that, with a little help and thinking outside the box, your wedding can  feature a couple of surprises to suit your budget! (And hey – hopefully if you’re lucky, some of  your friends and family might throw in a few surprises for you as well!)


A huge thank you to Alex for taking the time to write this post for my supplier squad blog series!

If you have any questions for Alex or would be interested in having surprise entertainment for your wedding, get in touch here…

Club Mob Website
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The Tailors Website
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With Love,
Claire x

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