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When planning a destination wedding for my couples, one of my top asked questions is “should I use a local make up artist or bring one from the UK?” This has always been a hard question to give my couples a definitive answer as I work with so many wonderful local suppliers in Italy including make up artists, however, for peace of mind for a worried bride in particular, my answer is always “take someone with you”.

Having a trial for your wedding make up is so important and it’s much harder to do in another country to your chosen supplier. Therefore, choosing someone local to you who you’d be happy to take to your destination wedding with you, gives you so much more peace of mind as you can perfect your trials before your wedding day.

Ariana Rose talks to us about the other reasons behind choosing a destination wedding make up artists on today’s supplier squad series. Over to you Ariana…

Why to chose a Destination Wedding Makeup Artist
by Ariana Rose. Make Up Artist

I used to get asked why clients fly me out to do hair and makeup for their wedding, isn’t there someone local that can do the job? I see it as the ultimate compliment and trust that my client has in me and my craft.

Doing weddings from the young age of 22 was quite daunting initially. I would study during the week for my Psychology degree and work at 2 days a week at MAC cosmetics as a coveted ‘MAC girl’. I wanted to be an artist, I had always been so creative but my parents weren’t keen on the idea at all. That didn’t put me off, whilst my friends would be partying on the weekends, I would be focused on increasing my experience and client base! I’ve always loved the feeling of joy weddings bring and I began my freelancing journey there along with fashion.

It’s now been 12 years since I’ve done makeup and hair, almost 5 years fulltime and I have to say, destination weddings have become my firm favourite. I often get told whether it be in the UK, Italy or France that it must me a real honour and proud moment to have someone fly you out to be part of their day, when they could have chosen someone local. They aren’t wrong, it’s one of the best feelings, and to this day I still get so excited confirming a wedding whether it be in the UK or abroad. Someone choosing you to be part of one of their biggest days of their life is amazing.

There is a lot of grey area, misinformation, and maybe not enough clear information on booking an artist who does destination weddings, so I’ve put together some answers to popular questions surrounding them.

What are the benefits of having someone fly out to do my hair and makeup as opposed to booking someone local?
There are a number of benefits to having someone fly out for your wedding. Some are:

  • The confidence you have in having your trial done in the UK and meeting your artist.
  • No language barrier
  • The artist being familiar with styles similar to what you’re used to and certain traditions from home you may be incorporating into your wedding
  • Trust to turn up and do the job on the day. I think clear and good communication plays a big part in having a relaxed and stress free morning and this is key for any bride as it sets the tone for your day.
  • Cost can also be a factor, I’ve had many brides book me down to being competitively priced even with my travel factored in.

What is the difference between a regular makeup artist and one that specialises in destination weddings?
Someone who specialises in destination weddings should be well rounded as an artist. Experience is key too and knowing your products really is vital, for example ones that can last through high temperatures. I am constantly keeping up to date with the best products on the market to ensure my brides have the most wonderful makeup. Being that I also do fashion, this really helps me keep up to speed with what’s on the market. My makeup is designed to last at least 16 hours, regardless of the weather whether it is rain or 35 degrees heat. Your destination wedding makeup artist should also be familiar with all the extra work that comes with doing a destination wedding and be super organised in that area.

Destination Wedding Make Up

Why should I pay for a makeup artist that specialises in destination weddings when my friend who knows how to do makeup can do it for me?
Being that you only get married once (hopefully!), ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you really have the time to have an amateur do your makeup on an important and what can feel quite emotional morning?
  • Are you happy to have them take at least twice as long when a professional will have you ready on schedule and ensure the morning runs like clockwork?
  • Will your friend really produce the look you want on the day and not feel the pressure? This can quickly turn into stress and it’s not something any bride wants to risk on their wedding.
  • Will your friend know what products last in higher temperatures and will you feel comfortable giving them feedback on what you’d like to tweak?
  • Will they know how to apply the makeup so it translates to camera well?
  • Will they have a running order prepared for timings on the day?
  • Will they have little extras in their kit for things you may need and not thought of? (a professional will have all this in their kit from experience)

From doing weddings and speaking to the bridal party, one of the most popular things past brides say is if they could have gone back and done it differently, they would have hired a professional due to the makeup not turning out as they wanted and also running extremely behind and it ruining their morning.

There is so much more to just applying makeup that looks good to the naked eye. It needs to last the day, it needs to translate perfectly to pictures, the correct products need to be used and these are just a few things to consider. An experienced artist will prepare a running order, know what time you will need to start, what time you will need to start getting dressed and so forth.

I would ask yourself, why would you hire a professional for every other aspect of your wedding and then not hire a professional when how you look is one of the most important things on the day?

Destination Wedding Make Up Artist

Is doing a destination wedding easier than a normal wedding?
I would say that more work goes into a destination wedding than a normal wedding. This is down to the added travel aspect, and working somewhere you don’t live.  Making sure you pack everything, catch your flight on time, make sure your kit turns up, drive in a country you’re not familiar with, check in with the bride and prep for the wedding. You have to be super organized and if something goes off plan, be quick to find a solution. I find with weddings in general, you really can never be too organised. I always research where I’m headed to and luckily it gets much easier as you get familiar with the area the more you work there. Regardless of the extra work, the buzz and excitement of doing the wedding is the same, I absolutely love it!

What advice would you give to brides looking for a destination wedding makeup artist?
I would say to any bride to pick someone based not only on their work but also who they like as a person and feel confident in. It is so important to feel confident in your suppliers and know that they will turn up on the day and do an amazing job. It’s vital to have a trial and really do research on your artist – have a look at their website and social media pages. I would advise against booking someone solely on followers as social media can be extremely misleading with over edited pictures. I like to ensure all my pictures are reflective of my work, as otherwise a bride can be left disappointed at the trial.

I would also advise booking someone who gets back to you in a fairly short timeframe (I like to respond to all clients within 24 hours unless I’m working). You will most likely pay a bit more but it is so worth it as the ease and comfort leading up to your wedding is unmatched.

What costs should I expect to cover for my makeup artist as a bride?
As a bride, I would be prepared to pay for flights, luggage (for kit), car hire/travel to the airport, accommodation (1 to 2 nights). I don’t feel that you need to be paying travel day ‘costs’. Car hire is the most cost effective way to travel abroad from my experience, and gives your artist control of ensuring they are on time and not relying on taxis etc. Taxis are few and far between abroad unless you are in a main city.

London Make Up

How does a trial work with a destination wedding?
I tend to do my trials in the UK for my British brides. I also have brides from the USA, Canada and as far as Australia that book me. In this instance, I would arrange to do their trial in a location that works. Normally they are planning a trip to the UK so it’s great to fit the trial in during their visit. Otherwise, I have done phone consultations and had their trial done out in the country where they are getting married. This is anywhere from a day or two before their wedding.

Where do you travel to and where is your favourite place to have done a wedding?
I tend to focus on the SW of France and Italy. I have done weddings in other countries but I specialize particularly in these two countries. I am well experienced in the way things work there and this really helps in terms of advising brides and helping them in any way I can. I would probably say the Italian Lakes or Puglia have been my favourite place to have done a wedding. In particular, Castello Monaci which I am lucky enough to visit annually doing weddings!

A huge thank you to Ariana for taking the time to write this post for my supplier squad blog series!

If you have any questions for Ariana or would be interested in using her services for a destination wedding, get in touch here…


With Love,
Claire x

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